Low-cost Fall Activities

Autumn is my favorite time of year, and if you spend any time on social media, it seems many feel the same way. The sights, sounds, and smells of the season are a delight to the senses and the weather is perfection in my book.

This is the time of year when I feel at my best, and I appreciate being able to spend more time outside. I love having the windows open and being able to cook without worrying about running up the electric bill while the AC beats back the heat from the kitchen.

Without further ado, here are some of my favorite low cost fall activities:

  1. Take a trip to a nature center
  2. Head to a planetarium
  3. The crisp fall air is perfect for camping, and there are many places you can camp for free
  4. Spend the afternoon or evening finding your way through a corn maze.
  5. Take a hike in a local, state, or national park
  6. Spend the day experiencing some beautiful Native culture by attending to a Pow Wow
  7. If you have a high-schooler that is thinking about attending college after graduation, fall is a great time to plan a visit to prospective campuses.
  8. 4-H offers all types of activities and classes for kids of all ages, and fall is the perfect time to check out what is available for your children.
  9. September 26th is Johnny Appleseed Day. Spend some time in the kitchen creating a tasty apple treat. If you’d like to learn more about Johnny Appleseed, the Wikipedia article is a great place to start.
  10. Head out to a local farm and pick your own produce
  11. Find a local honey farm and visit. Nothing tastes better than fresh, local honey.
  12. Head out to a pumpkin patch near you and pick your own; our kids always loved this when they were younger.
  13. While raking leaves this fall, instead of throwing them away, start a compost pile. You can build an inexpensive compost bin in short order with some weather-resistant 2 x 4s and screws, chicken wire, and a staple gun.
    Mr. Frugal Source made one in about an hour.
    First, cut the wood into twelve 36 inch sections and screw them together — making sure to drill pilot holes first — into what is essentially a cube. Set one top edge about 10 inches lower than the rest for easier access when dumping and turning your compost heap. Then, use the staple gun to attach chicken wire on every cube face but the top. Be sure to wear some good work gloves.
    You’ll save money on bags, and the compost is great for your garden.
  14. The cooler weather is perfect for bulk cooking sessions. Now is the perfect time to make soups and stews and put them in the freezer to enjoy later when you are too busy to cook. You will be so very happy you spent time doing this!
  15. You can use your extra Halloween candy to support our troops
  16. Head out to a local sporting event or community theater or music performance. What a great way to support local talent.
  17. Head out to a farmer’s market
  18. Save seeds from your garden this year to plant next spring.
  19. Send a thank you letter to our military men and women for Veterans Day.
  20. Fall is my favorite time to head out to our local drive-in movie theater. Pack your cooler (if this is permitted) and take advantage of the great outdoors before it gets too cold outside.
  21. Re-create a Charlie Brown’s Thanksgiving feast. Who doesn’t love this all-time favorite holiday TV tradition? What fun it would be to watch the show and have your own CB Thanksgiving feast.
  22. Autumn is the time to stock up on seasonal produce: potatoes, onions, garlic and squash are cheap this time of year and can last all through the rest of year and into next if stored properly. Remember, proper storage is key
  23. Head out for a Sunday drive to enjoy the fall foliage. You just may end up in your new favorite spot and make exciting discoveries along the way.
  24. Plant spring bulbs for the beauty after a long winter. The later in the season, the more deeply discounted the bulbs will be.
  25. Visit the grave sites of famous people

Whatever you choose to do, we hope you are able to enjoy the season with those you love, and encourage you to do so frugally.

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