We have nothing to show for it

If I was to take a couple of hours and add up all of the money that we have made since we were married all those years ago, I would look at the total and throw up.  Yep, I would literally puke and wonder where in the world did all of that money go?

We have always lived in a decent houses in safe-ish neighborhoods, had clean and mostly decent clothing, and have driven reliable vehicles.  But when you look at the debt we have been in and how long it is taking us to get completely out of debt, I realize we do not have lots of great memories to show for our money woes.

We took very few vacations over the years, and those we did take were at minimal cost. We did not drive fancy or expensive vehicles.  We did not live in lavish homes.  We did not buy the latest and greatest technology, and our kids grew up hearing “no”, way more than yes when they would ask for things.  We did not eat out at fancy restaurants and we didn’t shop at expensive stores; in fact, we’ve done most of our shopping over the years at thrift stores.

So, looking back at all the money we both brought home, we have nothing great to show for it.  Our money literally ran through our hands like water pouring out of a faucet.  We always paid our bills on time, but the rest of our money just seemed to disappear and we lived paycheck to paycheck, just like the majority of Americans.

It wasn’t until we ran across Dave Ramsey that we learned the importance of having — and sticking to — a budget.  It is not that we lived in a cave and had never heard of budgeting but to be honest, it just didn’t seem to work for us.  But Ramsey’s zero-based budget was so easy, and it made perfect sense… assign every dollar a job, period.  Nothing more.  It is simple, to the point, and it has changed our financial lives.

Why are we here?

Before we start sharing the details of our story, it seems appropriate that we should first introduce ourselves, and give you a little background into who we are and why we started The Frugal Source.

We are a family of six; we’re a mom and dad with 4 teenagers, several rescue pets, and some backyard chickens thrown into the mix just for fun. We live in the Midwest of the United States and are a one income family. There are many reasons for this, and we will explore each in its turn as we share our journey.

We came to this whole debt free living idea much much later than most of those you see within this community. To be frank, it was very intimidating to read post after post of people who were retiring in their 30s and 40s and us, with most of those days in the rear view mirror, and here we are just starting to figure this whole thing out.

We discovered Dave Ramsey several years ago and followed his baby steps, with our own spin. We have been debt free, except for our mortgage, for about 2 years now. We were happy to not have any consumer debt, but still felt the mortgage hanging over our heads. About a year ago, we really cranked up the effort around paying off our mortgage, and we’ve knocked another $30,000 off the principal. Even so, with the remaining balance at $162,000, it still looks and feels very overwhelming. In fact, looking at that number makes us downright mad. IF, we had done anything financially correct in our younger days, we would be debt free and be sitting pretty with regard to savings. But we didn’t; we made almost every… single… mistake you can possibly make with money.

We are here to share our mistakes, what we have learned from them, and the frugal habits we have implemented to help dig ourselves out. In short, we hope that we can be a cautionary tale to others, encourage them in their own journeys, and prove that it is NEVER too late to start working toward financial independence.

It is so awesome to see you here!

Welcome to The Frugal Source!

Those of you who have been here before will notice significant changes since your last visit.

If it is your first time here, please be sure to check back early and often, as we will start sharing stories from our debt free journey soon.

Either way, while we have many topics in mind ready to go, if there is something in particular you’d like to read about or some way which we might be able to help, please drop us a line at info@thefrugalsource.com

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